Albuquerque, NM

This was actually a failed charitable project by a local group of musicians looking to benefit various causes in the community. They no longer exist.

This was an interesting project on a technical level. They wanted to sell digital products and take digital donations with an embedded payment system on their website – and to boot they had a strong desire to eschew standard practice, so they wanted to use an alternative to PayPal.

At the time, embedding stores or payment systems into a website was not as straightforward as it is today. Solutions like Shopify and Thrivecart didn’t exist – even WordPress was in its infancy. So even with PayPal, integrating payments directly into your own website required extensive coding knowledge in order to integrate with their burgeoning API. That was difficult, but the alternative payment platform they wanted to use had an even less developed API and scant documentation.

The programming project ultimately failed, because the platform was not actually ready for production. The MiM organization also went away pretty quickly, as it was also not well thought-out or funded. However, I think it’s a good piece for my portfolio because it shows my long history with eCommerce, and that I was at the beginning of dealing with payment APIs, PayPal, and early embedded eCommerce.


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • API integration
  • LAMP (Linx, Apache, MySql, PHP) admin
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