NY Times Replica Edition

Client: LibreDigital (now LSC Communication)/NY Times

Austin, TX

This screen shot is their current landing page. It’s almost identical – styles, logos, etc. But I believe the backend is now powered by a new infrastructure.

LibreDigital handled hundreds of replica edition magazines and newspapers. These were not the publication’s regular website, they were cloud-based “eEditions”- exact digital replicas of the current issue which require a subscription to access. The flash app lets users turn pages, search, and reach the paper on a computer or tablet.

My job was to handle the entire eEdition web infrascrture – landing pages, eCommerce, user authentication, everything except the reader software itself.

Although I worked for this company for some months, supporting design translations and other backend work, the meat of my work here was to take over the lead developer position and oversee a complete overhaul of the flagship eEdition infrastructure – the NY Times. This project took 5 developers (including the reader software team) and around six months.


  • Perl
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • Apache Tomcat
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